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How do others think about ZAGEL Consulting?

Consulting is a matter of trust – therefore it is interesting to learn how others think about the founder of ZAGEL Consulting. Below are some references.
Additional, German-language references can be found here.

„CERN started a PLM selection project in 1996 to manage the engineering data for the global LHC project, and made a in-depth analysis of different system suppliers and the associated support offered. In this context we first met Mathias Zagel and rapidly realized that he already then had a thorough understanding of the underlying conceptual issues as well as of the state of the PLM software industry.
Since the selection of the PLM tool from Eigner (now Oracle) Mathias Zagel has helped the CERN implementation team, in highly-productive regular workshops, to translate our specific requirements into a successful corporate service. The system, today known as ‘EDMS’, has more than 5.000 users spread around the world. […] The fact that the different implementations of EDMS have been made with exceedingly small teams can be traced back to the detailed analysis done at the project start-up. In this analysis effort the role of Mathias Zagel was crucial as the CERN team did not have any real experience of PLM systems. The approach we have taken under the guidance of Mathias Zagel has shown itself to be correct and he helped us to avoid many of the pitfalls often seen in literature and the professional press.”

Thomas Pettersson, EDMS Project leader
CERN, PS Division, Geneva, Switzerland, Schaffhausen, Schweiz

„I have known Mathias for many years, beginning with his key role in Eigner+Partner. He was a long-term contributor to the development of Eigner+Partner’s solid PLM product line, which was acquired by Agile Software and then by Oracle. Mathias has shown himself to be a very knowledgeable resource to the PLM industry in general, with a unique focus on issues associated with product structuring and product variants in industries involving complex product configurations.”

Ed Miller, President (died 2010-06-06)
CIMdata, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI 48108, USA