Consulting Services for efficient Variant Management

Profound PLM

For manufacturing organizations ‘Product Lifecycle Management’ has become a familiar concept. Following ERP, CRM and SCM, now PLM has been added to the vocabulary of many a development manager or executive member. Trying to describe PLM in detail would go beyond the scope of this website – furthermore there are many books and other sources of information about this topic. Please find a helpful link for a definition of PLM by the consulting firm CIMdata: CIMdata defines PLM as…

PLM in your Organization

By now a multitude of service providers and management consultancies offer support for PLM. Likewise PLM vendors are very active – maybe in your organization, too.
With respect to basic PLM topics (ranging from document management via CAD integration to process automation with workflows) you are hopefully satisfied with your contractors. For implementation work (such as software installation, customization, and software coding) you may run your own team or rely on the previously mentioned partners.
But when it comes to tough questions about profound PLM concepts, getting sound and in-depth answers can't be taken for granted…

Professional Consulting Services

In his job history Dr.-Ing. Mathias Zagel has not only dealt with PLM for many years but also participated actively in shaping PLM. He thus enjoys the status of a true PLM expert. (His Profile provides you with additional information on this.)
So if you have conceptual questions regarding topics such as
early development phases including requirements management,
configuration management,
variant management or product structuring (please also refer to Variants and more),
change and release management,
or classification
ZAGEL Consulting can assist you with professional and reliable consulting services.

Note: Individual consulting services also means not imposing any solutions upon you. Sound solutions which are already in-place and you are happy with will not be questioned provided, of course, they satisfy identified requirements.