Consulting Services for efficient Variant Management


It is highly likely that your business, too, is influenced by globalization. Do you have manufacturing sites in Asia, development partners anywhere in Europe, or marketing branches worldwide?
If just one these statements applies to you, you will probably be familiar with the term ‘Internationality’ already: decisions are made and carried out not solely by your staff but in conjunction with foreign colleagues.

Therefore, when dealing with crucial aspects such as product variants, product structuring or PLM strategies of your business, it is paramount that the consultant whose support you seek is confident and adapts with ease in the international arena.
Dr.-Ing. Mathias Zagel is a German native who speaks English fluently, allowing him to competently conduct workshops or negotiations and assuring effective communication in any day-to-day situation.
However, linguistic competence is not everything. Phrases like “that's so German!” or “typical American!” come to mind. In other words, collaborating with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds in a variety of settings requires skills beyond the correct language. Through his cooperation in several European research projects (funded by the European Union), a six months placement in Toronto, Canada, and through his many years of working for international software vendors, Dr.-Ing. Mathias Zagel achieved this high degree of social competence (the so called ‘soft skills’), so vital when dealing with people of different nationalities.

For ZAGEL Consulting, therefore, the term ‘Internationality’ does not mean having consultants all over the world but to be correctly placed within international teams inside your business.