Consulting Services for efficient Variant Management

Need to get a Grip on Product Variants?

Are you dealing with a diversity of product variants and the challenges it causes for your overall organization?
You are on the right track if you plan on gaining control over your product variants from the very first stages of development. In this case you probably also started looking into Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), or at least you have come across this term.

Well done! if everything is working as well as you expected – product variants don't cause you sleepless nights and your PLM implementation is on the right track.
If this isn't the case – then “we should talk” because ZAGEL Consulting puts the spotlight on product variants and the structuring of products, providing top-class consulting services true to the motto ‘the boss comes in person’ – Dr.-Ing. Mathias Zagel. Why is this really important? Please, read on under Profile.

Dr.-Ing. Mathias zagel